Product Care Tips

Jewelry Care Tips

Thank you for considering our products. Below are tips to help prolong the life of your M&P jewelry and accessory items.

Sterling Silver and Goldtone

Sterling silver is a beautiful, bright metal that jewelry lovers worldwide have selected as their favorite metal. Although it is beautiful, sterling silver and goldtone jewelry must be cleaned and stored properly to retain its original shine and luster. Caution should be taken before cleaning and storing your jewelry pieces. Not every chemical is compatible with this fine metal, and before it is cleaned, it will be necessary to use the right cleaning agent. Although jewelry cleaning machines such as steam cleaners are great for cleaning dirt, oil, and personal grooming products off of sterling silver, they do not remove the tarnish from sterling silver. Goldtone jewelry has advanced and contains silver along with other metals, so this jewelry will tarnish as well. Investing in a silver cleaning agent or chemically treated silver cleaning cloth is the best method to clean sterling silver and goldtone jewelry. When storing these pieces, there are many products on the market that will help to keep your jewelry dry and free of unsightly tarnish. These products are very affordable and should be used to store sterling silver and goldtone jewelry. Silica gel packets are excellent for keeping the storage environment humidity free. Never use household concoctions such as salt solutions or ammonia to clean jewelry; they will irrevocably harm the finish. Investing in a silver/gold cleaning cloth is a worthwhile effort. Keeping your jewelry items free of tarnish will ensure that it will retain its beauty and last for many years.

Plated Jewelry

Some of our jewelry items are PLATED (either with silver or goldtone). We do not recommend any plated item to be worn on a daily basis. Please consider the following care tips:

-REMOVE AT NIGHT. Do not sleep with plated jewelry, night sweat and the extra rubbing against the skin will cause the plating to wear off faster. Some people might be allergic to the base metal (varies from item to item, manufacturer to manufacturer) and having an item on 24 hrs might cause an unwanted reaction. Remove at night to avoid skin reactions and extend the life of your items.

-STORE LIKE ITEMS TOGETHER. Do not store gold plating and silver plating together; different metals may cause each other to tarnish, fade and/or turn colors. Try different storage places for different colors of metals in a dry area. The bathroom is not an ideal place.

-DO NOT CLEAN WITH CHEMICALS. Plating is much more delicate than pure metals, clean often to keep shine and remove sweat and dirt that may cause items to fade. Use a damp cloth and wipe down gently, use a clean towel to dry. When cleaning chains hold by the clasp and do not tug at the chain. Wipe stones gently, do not rub, taking care with corners or edges that can catch the towel. Do not use chemicals to clean ANY plated item, chemicals may damage the plating.

Acrylic Jewelry

These versatile and fashionable pieces will last a long time with some of the same care tips as our other jewelry, depending on the chain, bracelet or other metal fabrication. Follow our care tips above for the metal parts of your jewelry and wipe your acrylic parts with a soft cloth, very lightly moistened if necessary. Remember moisture will tarnish the chain or metal, so take care to make sure you dry your acrylic pieces thoroughly.

Acrylic, Lucite and Melamine Care Tips

The versatility of manufactured acrylic, Lucite and melamine items makes these polymers and resins popular for almost any application and use. M&P love our collection of these items and we want to make sure you enjoy your piece of the collection for a long time. Please follow the washing instructions included with your purchase. Generally these items are hand wash only, using a mild soap. Do not use an abrasive cleanser or the scrubby side of the sponge, you will scratch your beautiful item. Do not put these items in the dishwasher, most dishwasher tabs or pods have an abrasive cleaner that will scratch or dull your item. Some of our products have special inserts with your personalization (Lucite trays, ice bucket, etc.). If you’re able to remove this insert, please do so before immersing in water for cleaning. Not all inserts are removable (travel tumblers, straw tumblers, wine tumblers, etc.), please carefully hand wash these items for many years of use and compliments!

Embroidery and Applique Care Tips

You went the extra step to carefully select a personalized and embroidered item from Meg & Peg and your item should last a very long time with a little TLC. Please follow the care instructions on the tag of your item, with the caveat that most, if not all, embroidery and applique should be washed and rinsed in cold water. If your item indicates dry clean only, please do not launder this item yourself. Otherwise a little pressing with a warm iron (NOT HOT) every so often will bring your embellished item back to a vibrant appearance. Place your item face down and press from the back. Please be mindful that nylon and polyester items will not tolerate a hot iron and follow the instructions on the tag as your primary method for cleaning and pressing.

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