Voila! Vinyl!

We have a few acrylic items on hand for affordable gifts because we love the look. Meg is the organizer, so she will never have too many boxes or trays to organize the kitchen, bathroom, pantry, office, vanity, closet, nursery, den, living room, dining room, basement, garage… well you get the picture. She has a label maker and it is certainly handy for the job. But M&P have an even better tool that will personalize ordinary items to make them better than ordinary (extraordinary seems a bit over-the-top when we’re talking acrylic organization tools)! We took a couple of quick pics so you can see for yourself. We have a great time adding “stickers” to new and different items but we always come back to vinyl personalization on sleek and shiny acrylic items. We’re still experimenting and will keep you up to date on new additions to our collection, but here are a few for easy organizing and inspired gifting…

Boring “before”

Awesome after…

Attaching the vinyl is a bit tricky, especially on oddly shaped items, so we’re always “googling” new tips and processes to make sure our items are absolutely perfect. Peg is not as organized as she is picky, (she says it’s a “keen eye”) and sometimes very picky, so you can rest assured your vinyl personalized items from M&P have passed the “picky test”. It’s not as easy as slapping a sticker on a box, trust us! Send us pics of your favorite organization items; or better yet, your own “before” and “after” pictures. Thanks for checking in. Have a great day! M&P

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